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this vid is incredible! :)

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Full Moon Challenge: July 22, 2013


thank you for sharing this. was it just me or did it seem to others that the full moon seemed more powerful and mesmerizing than ever?

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Blessing Moon, Thunder Moon. July 22, 2013, 2:16 pm.


Thunder Moon. What a perfect name…

If you have been following this challenge, you’ll notice that there doesn’t seem to be a cloud in the sky during the last six full moons. Well, fo this thunder moon, what kind of weather did we get? A thunderstorm. I had to stay up waaaay passed my bedtime to get a clear picture of the moon. Those foggy, unclear pictures just aren’t enough for my fabulous readers!

On June’s full moon, I set a goal to complete whatever challenge I decided to do for July. Well, aside from forgetting that it was July for the first few days, I’ve kept up with it! I’ve even had two posts in a day a couple times, like today. Although July isn’t over, so far so good! I am leaving next Monday for a two week…

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just want you to know…

Thank you to those that follow my blog. Due to health issues, my blog hasn’t been filled with issues I am trying to deal with, or any of the healing that I am attempting to do.

 I’ve let my words stay in my head and my notebooks. Today I felt it was time to start posting again. With blissful suprise, I looked at my follower list. I have followers?! ME?! ok, it’s not a ton of followers. A small list.  Nothing to shout off a mountain about to some.

Still I feel the need to hike to the top of the mountain I am visualizing. 

thank you!! I know you are out there somewhere.

 I am on the other side of the mountain, waving & saying THANK YOU for the inspiration! 

bless your beautiful hearts. 

“In the beginning there is a special power…that protects us and helps us to live.”


Universe…Please hear me now…

Universe,my heart is open and I surrender.
Guide my pen,help me to express myself with my truth.
Replace my shame with strength.
Send my words on a frequency that will be felt as deeply as my story and words are written.
All of our experiences are incredibly similar.
Vastly different.
Ironically the same.
Our experiences profoundly connected.

I need to heal.I don’t want to leave. I feel I am lost in the dark without the answers on how to get well.
Having an eating disorder is devastatingly isolating. Not everyone is open to understanding. In this group of people, it can crush you if your own doctor falls into said group.
I have left sessions overwhelmed with shame. Her words echo endlessly in my ears. Feeding the sickness inside me. I slam myself for doing and being exactly what she said. I try to rationalize her comments with the hope
she was having a bad day. It wasn’t me,it couldn’t have been a personal attack on my character flaws.
Still…her words poke away at me randomly like sharp needles buried in the carpet. I force my mind to not think of her.
Out of nowhere,her words take on the form of a sharp object.
They penetrate the flesh on the bottom of my not so meaty foot.

Who Am I kidding?!
my feet ARE meaty
Two swollen blobs
With toes.

Release of the butterflies

hello,my friend its me again
just stopped to say hello…
okay if truth be told
we both know
that isn’t exactly true…
I’m not asking much
nor did I ever request a lot
              from you…
You said once
             you didn’t think
you could give me what I want what was it you couldn’t give?
how could you know something
                 I didn’t
                        know myself?

how simple in one light
and complicated in the shade

it comes down to this….
my body is so incredibly cold
from the inside out
I was wondering
if you could be so kind
as to wrap me in your warmth
                  your skin…
                        my velvet comfort
        your touch….
              my endorphin release
                         your voice…
                     that set
                  the butterflies
                              free to be.

how I longed to be
fluttering freely,
                …  landing softly
   with innocent wonder
            to drink the sweet nectar
                            your body….
                                      the source.

guess I asked for a helluva lot
how fucking typical ….
                    the butterflies
                                 as my own
                    with my voice
                                      not yours.

To see me as Iam is to see me at all

Scuze me while I Kiss the Sky

The picture outside his bedroom door Made her stop each time she passed Her eyes taking in the words, again and again Absorbing them with an unexplainable sort of bliss Scuze me while I kiss the sky… the hardwood floor was cold beneath her feel but ritualistically she found herself pausing to read Jimi’s words  smiling with child-like wonder Oh, Jimi! oh baby! the things that you do… Sometimes the smell of pot wafted down the hall from his roommate on the couch despite her naked vulnerability it didn’t matter if he had to pee too… the words had to be read… being discovered naked was the chance she willingly took Scuze me while I kiss the sky…. the chill of the floor and her nakedness were irrelevant factors… For in those magical, barefoot moments All that swirled in her head, all she had room for was the sweet aroma in the air &her mouth blowing kisses towards the sky… Slipping back under the blanket where he lay sleeping, she would ever so gently touch his beautifully soft skin and whisper Scuze me, while my lips explore your naked body with fluttering butterfly kisses sprinkled with Stardust Nov08

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